Meet “Grippy the Gecko,” you may have seen him around. After all he has been around for years but spends most of his time in Hawaii. He shows up on clothes, hats and other tourist places and gear. This is just one of Jack’s many creations. His talents really flourished when he worked on the characters of The Forest Romp, like the Inchworm above. You will get to see more of the 10 characters in the Forest Romp soon!

Now here’s a little information about Jack:

Jack Marcus is a southern California cartoonist and product developer with over 40 years experience creating & designing images for a variety of mediums and companies using cartoons for promotions and products.

Jack was born in Agana Guam U.S.A. His family moved to Japan and after a few years moved from there to Northern California. In his teenage years they all returned to Guam which was intended to be permanent. However, Jack returned to California to live permanently in 1980, he married and raised 2 daughters.

Jack’s love for drawing began as a young child and continued on into his adult life. Out of all the forms of drawing he tried, Jack found he liked drawing cartoons the best. All the different places he’d lived with the various cultures and experiences exposed him to different kinds of cartoons. Creating fun, expressive characters that appeal to the young are what he prefers to concentrate his talents on.

He continues to pursue his art by using his skill on various projects. Some of his creations include the licensed character of a gecko for a national licensing company, and cartoon animal characters for children’s clothing companies as well as promotional characters for known fast food restaurant chains.

Jack has already started working on whats coming up after The Forest Romp!

Jack Marcus is the Curator of McDonald’s Museum in San Bernardino

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